Wellness Checks

Prevention. Wellness. Treatment.

Wellness for the Outer Banks area

During you pet’s annual exam, our staff will check:




Eyes, Ears, and Mouth


Internal Organs through Hand Palpitation




Pulse and Heartbeat


Skin and Lymph Nodes


Teeth and Other Dental Issues



Preventive Care For Your Pets

Annual exams are a critical part of your pet’s health plan. By maintaining an ongoing record of your pet’s care and development, you and your doctor can be better prepared to combat unexpected illnesses and catch life-threatening illnesses before they progress. Your pet’s annual exam will provide a baseline that your doctor will use to track their development over time and can be an important opportunity to talk to your doctor about your pet’s nutritional and behavioral needs. Early diagnosis is also key to creating treatment plans that are both manageable and inexpensive when your pet does become ill.

Annual exams are also a great time to discuss the vaccines and monthly medications that will keep your pet safe throughout the year. For dogs, in particular, heartworms pose a significant health risk in North Carolina. During your visit, your doctor will perform a yearly heartworm check and suggest prescription-only preventative treatments.

Interested in an affordable monthly wellness plan? Learn more here.

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