Exotic companion animals deserve the same degree of medical attention as their canine or feline counterparts.

Exotic Veterinary Care in the Outer Banks area

We provide a wide array of veterinary care and services from preventative care to surgery. 

Affordable Care for your Exotic Pets

At Eastern Shore Animal Hospital, we don’t stop at treating your dog or cat. Our staff is trained to treat small mammals (pocket pets), birds and reptiles.

Regardless of the species of pet, informed animal care and veterinary attention will increase your special friend’s health and longevity. While most do not require vaccinations, annual exams are warranted to evaluate your pet.

If you notice changes in appetite, stool production, breathing, or behavior, such as hiding, decreased activity, contact us right away. These are signs your pet may be ill and need immediate veterinary care.

Please note: we do not see venomous snakes, primates, or livestock (excluding chickens).

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